• Is it real gold that you can find? Yes, it is real natural gold that you pan here with us.
  • Is it hard to learn to pan gold? No, it takes about an hour to learn how to pan gold.
  • Are the gold flakes big? The gold grains found measure under one millimeter up to 7 mm.
  • Can you take the gold home? Yes, all the gold you find you will take you home.
  • How much is it worth? It is worth about 330 crowns / gram.
  • Does everyone find gold? Yes, if you wash the way the instructors show you.
  • How long can you pan for a ticket? From 10:00 to 17:00, so the whole day. You can take a break anytime and get in and out of the gold pit as often as you want.
  • Is there a "half-day ticket"? No.
  • Can I only pan for an hour or two? Yes, but unfortunately you can not get that much gold together.
  • Can you wash in Ädelfors for free? Yes, in the surroundings, e.g. outside our gold laundry (own equipment is required).
  • Can the children come? Yes, children over the age of 10 can help their parents to wash gold. The children should, however, get a ticket (240 SEK per child) to get help from our instructors and to borrow the equipment from us.
  • Can you bring the dog? Yes, if the dog is on a leash and does not hinder other visitors.
  • Can you bring your own food basket? Yes
  • Is there something to eat? Yes, we have a restaurant for lunch and a café that is open every day during the high season.
  • Is it possible to cook your own food? Yes, there are two grills on our facility that you can use.
  • We also sell charcoal.
  • What's in the gold camp shop? All sorts of gold diggeing equipment, minerals and souvenirs.
  • What else can you do in Ädelfors? Mine visit, swimming, fishing, paddling, walks in the woods or just "being there". Look further down this page.
  • Can you come and just look at the gold laundry? Yes, 95% of the space is open to all.
  • Is there enough parking? Yes, and parking is free during the day.
  • Can you fish in Ådelfors? Yes, there are good fishing opportunities in Emån and we sell fishing licenses (50 SEK - per day). Look further down this page.
  • Can you pay by credit card? Yes, Visa and Mastercard as well as Swish.
  • Is there a playground for children? Yes, there is a large and good playground in the village 400 meters away. Look further down this page.
  • Is there a hiking trail? Yes, the Highlander, 100 miles long, leading the way through the gold camp. Look further down this page.
  • Can you paddle canoe nearby? Yes, right on the Emån. Look further down this page.
  • Can you get a discount? Yes, we can give a discount to very large groups.
OPENING HOURS & PRICES 2018 for the gold laundry

Open for you - 10th April to 10th October


April 10 - June 19. Please note: Book in advance.

peak season

June 20 - August 21 from 10:00 to 17:00. You do not have to book, you are welcome whenever you want. Of course, it's best to arrive at 10am so you can spend the whole day washing your gold.

Low season:

22nd August - 10th October Please note: Book in advance.


Adults 490 SEK - children 240 kr. The ticket is valid for a whole day.

The price includes: equipment rental, rubber boots, lessons and help throughout the day from real gold miners. Of course, take all the gold you wash out home in a glass tube as a beautiful souvenir.

Gold panning with a teacher (available on site all day), equipment rental and installation of your gold in the glass tube: 490 kr. The price is valid for a whole day from noon. 10 to 17

Canoeing on Emån

At the gold camp you can rent canoes, we work with Emventure and have customized offers with or without a guide. Paddling by canoe on the Emån is the ultimate way to relax and get closer to nature. Often you see wild animals in their natural environment, while you silently glide on the Emån.

Hiking and biking trails

Hiking on Höglandsleden - A good suggestion is the Gruvrundan, where you can start in the Goldmine Ädelfors and go through the gold camp and then continue to the Kleva Mine - lasting about 3 hours.

The Cycle Path - Start at the Gold Laundry, cycle to Wallby and experience Småland's Garden with Skirö, Stenberga Church by Högarp's Cultural Preserve on Pelle Näver's home planet - time approximately 4 hours.

Is there a playground for children?

The gold camp offers swings and water features in Emån. When you are at the Emån, an adult needs to keep an eye on the children, which is the responsibility of their parents. And the children usually spend the whole day in the area, where you can catch small fish and throw stones into the river.

There is also a large and beautiful playground in the village at the old elementary school Ädelfors about 400 meters away, where you can play with the small children. There is also a beautyful big grass soccer field if you want to play football.

Forest walks and mushroom picking

Going out into the woods and "just being" is another wonderful way to relax, walk along the Emån on the Highland Trail and after a minute you are in the Småland troll forest. And if you have a good eye, they suddenly stand there - Kantarellerna (chanterelles), forest gold. Some family members pan gold while you bring the mushrooms and lose yourself in the mushroom forest. Ask us where the chanterelles are, we share our mushrooms with you.

Public transportation

You can take the train to Vetlanda and then continue by bus to the gold camp. Just take the train to Vetlanda and then to Jönköping Länstrafik. The best bus is the 335 line, which stops at our car park. But it also possible to go with the line 344, which stops on the road 47 two kilometers from us.



 Castle or cottage - you choose.
We have our own camping and wind shelters, but we also rent cabins in the village. There are different standards at the cabins from the outdoor pool to really nice cabins and the prices vary.

Vardagslyx - We recommend Wallby Säteri, a rural resort located only 6 kilometers from the Gold Processing Company and where you live in beautiful surroundings in Skirö. Full service.

If you are looking for an original Småland setting with wood burning stove then choose Emventure, where you can stay in your own room and have the possibility to have breakfast and dinner. The hotel is 7 kilometers away

Hotel with hostel prices - Ädelfors Folkhøjskola, where there are beds and meals in the elementary school, 10 kilometers from the gold-mining.

Kvarndammens Vandrarhem and Bed & Breakfast - in Vetlanda, is well maintained and beautiful. The hotel is 19 kilometers away.


You have a disability?


Almost the entire area is adapted and everyone is welcome.

Ädelfors strives to make it easier for everyone to get to know all the amazing things that gold panning has to offer, and we hope we can support a large group of people with today's update. This does not mean that we can accommodate people with all kinds of disabilities, but shows that we have ambitions and knowledge in this area.


Environmental awareness - sustainable tourism

Yes, the gold laundry works locally and locally, and we care about our nature by choosing and sorting environmentally friendly alternatives. We preserve our nature and the place where we are because we want you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings we are in.


Waste disposal

Bags are available for free at our pick-up point at the campsite

  • Green bags - organic disposal

  • Red bags - household waste

  • Special container - special waste

  • Bulky waste - There is a special pallet

  • Glass bottles and glass jars - There is a separate pallet

  • Plastic jars and containers - There is a separate pallet

  • We deliver gift bottles and cans to Ädelfors IF

Black water disposal for campers and caravans

Yes, we have a special place where we have running water and a stainless steel tub installed and there you can clean your black water tank or Porta Potti with a clear conscience.


Yes, there are good fishing opportunities at the Emån and we sell fishing permits 50 SEK - per day, 100 SEK - per week or 200 SEK - for a full year. You can also hire a rowing boat to reach the best fishing spots. At the gold camp at the Emån and its tributary there is the possibility to catch trout. Above all, we practice fly fishing here. Here the whole family can fish and the chances of catching are great. Fly fishing is a very nice fishing method that can be operated at the Emån for a variety of fish species, not just trout. Try fly fishing for pike, perch and last but not least barbel. You just have to adapt the equipment and technology to the prevailing conditions. Our most common types of fish are pike, perch, trout and whitefish (chub). Sport fishing is fishing with a rod or hand roller, for fun and relaxation. This is done so that the fisherman always has control over fishing and catching.


The place Ädelfors got its name after the opening of the first gold mine of Sweden in 1738.

We are the Guldström family who has been panning for gold for 25 years. The surname is taken, that's true. It was adopted at the end of the 18th century by a soldier, Johannes Andersson-Guldström. We are direct descendants of him.