Avancerad guldgrävarkurs


Avancerad guldgrävarkurs

Avancerad guldgrävarkurs

Avancerad guldgrävarkurs

Advanced 2 day gold digging course Ädelfors

Price 5.600 SEK

Come and share Guldström's years of gold-digging experience, learn new insights to succeed in your exploration and hang out with other gold miners. The gold camp begins with an advanced course where you learn all about gold digging. The course lasts 2 days and will be held throughout the week during high season except Sunday when we rest. All equipment is included in the course. All you have to bring is "clothes for every weather". Lunch is included. Accommodation is not included. In Ådelfors there are several accommodation options, from camping to accommodation in the mansion. The course is deliberately done in 2 days because there is a lot to do and many new exercises and skills to learn. We will hold it in groups of up to 10 participants so that everyone can try all the equipment and there will also be time to hang out during the course and share experiences.

You can arrange the course days as you like, on consecutive days or with a break between days, the course is flexible.

In addition to gold panning, the course also includes how to look for gold with maps. We will try diving with a wetsuit in Emån, running a high banker and using a metal detector as an exploration tool to identify gold-bearing minerals and discuss various beneficial acids.

Avancerad guldgrävarkurs

The Gold Rush Course includes

Day 1  

  • Learn how to handle a gold pan well.
  • Miscellaneous Notes - We learn how to use hints while exploring.
  • Micro Gold - How To pan Micro Gold.
  • Concentrators - We show and explain the different available concentrators.
  • Black Sand - What you should really look for in black sand.
  • Henderson Pump - A very useful tool.
  • Sluice box - You learn how to work efficiently with a sluice box.
  • Map Exploration - We show and explain how to use different maps.


Day 2

  • Rock crusher - What different types are there and how to use them.
  • Highbanker - We're testing a Proline Highbanker in Emån and you can drive with us as a supervisor.
  • Dredge - We are testing a Proline Dredge. You can rent a diving suit and go under the water surface to absorb gold-bearing material from Emån.
  • Ore lesson - We look at different ores and examine those that may be of interest.
  • Metal Detector - We test and explain various metal detectors designed specifically for gold mining.
  • Microscopy - We examine gold, black sand and various ores under the microscope.
Gold Rush - First Day

Panning for gold.
Instructions in the art of gold panning with various pans. We will show you how to pan most effectively and explain the difference between different types of gold pans.

Avancerad guldgrävarkurs


Using sieves properly is much more important than you think. We'll show you how to use them, and once you've seen and understood them, you'll be much more successful in your prospecting. A must, if you are serious.

Micro gold

We'll teach you a real lesson on how to work microgold, and this is very important because many do not really understand how much gold it really is.


There are many different concentrators on the market and we test 3 different ones and show you how they work. Some are very effective while others are just good and after this review it will be easier for you to choose the right concentrator.

Black sand

The black sand offers us a lot of information. We will show you how to take care of what is valuable in the black sand, and you will learn how to get lots of useful information from the black sand.

Henderson Pump

A Henderson pump is a very useful tool for exploring in many places, and it can help you get to deep places where a shovel has no use. You can also access cracks underwater where access is not possible with the usual grave tools.

Sluice box 

We will learn to work with a sluice box. This is a real workhorse and with the right sluice, if properly positioned, you can process a lot of material and thus increase your chances of getting larger amounts of gold. A sluice can also be used to wash out the concentrate. We explain the differences.

Exploring with maps

How to find gold. First, choose which part of the country you want to look for gold. Finding a good watercourse, as we have already mentioned, could be difficult.

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Gold Rush - Second Day


Rock crusher

What are the different rock crushers for us and which crusher fits best?


We look at different types of high bankers, small and big ones, and we have a size that we bring to the Emån, set it up, and then start shoveling material into it. Those who want to build one themselves have the opportunity to study the different solutions in detail and to test how it works in reality. Guldström uses Proline Mining equipment in the course.

Avancerad guldgrävarkurs


According to many, the main attraction of the course. We look at different types of dredges, big and small, and in which situations you can use them. Then we carry the dredge into the Emån. Dressed in a diving suit, we submerge the suction tube and breathe with air from the Dredge compressor. Guldström uses a 4-inch Proline mining dredge.

Avancerad guldgrävarkurs

Ore lesson, stone samples

Now let's look at various gold-bearing minerals and what they look like and what you can observe in nature.

Metal detector

How To Use The Best Metal Detectors To Find Gold In Nature. There are many metal detectors and we have selected two of the best detectors you can try and you will quickly notice the difference. Guldström uses a Minelab GPX 5000 and a Fisher Gold Bug II in the course

Note - This is not a course to spot jewelery and coins, there is another course for it, and here we are only talking about how to look for gold.

Microscope, Pocket Microscope & Magnifying Glass

Here we show you a whole new world under the hood. Many people are amazed at how much you can discover with a good microscope and you can sit for hours at the microscope and find gold that you could not see before.

Avancerad guldgrävarkurs


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